Terms and Conditions

  • Please note that fresh fruits and vegetables including Mango orders will not be refunded under any circumstances. We receive all goods in closed boxes. Before collection and shipping, we’d check the quantities only. 
  • Mango being a very sensitive fruit to the weather, Cold English weather is not good for Mangoes. This cold weather makes mango skin go black/spotty, hence it is essential to consume mango within a few days time and that it is not stocked for more than 3-5 days.
  • Please note that we carefully inspect all our mangoes externally for bruises, blemishes and other quality issues. Unfortunately, we can’t inspect the inside of each mango. We are not able to issue refunds for any blemishes found only on the inside of a mango.
  • Mango is a Natural fruit, as you might appreciate, we cannot cut open each fruit and see inside. Sometimes fruits seem fine from outside, but being natural, we cannot guarantee what’s inside the fruit. As most of you might be aware that when Mangoes are taken down from the trees, the juices at the point of attachments of stems to the Mangoes, sometimes drips down on to the outside of the Mango. With time this juice solidified and may turn into a black spot. This does not mean that the Mango is bad in 99% cases. We will not be exchanging these Mangos.
  • We do not have a return policy for mangoes either. If the whole box is not good, then we may deal with your case on a personal level, if we have been communicated within 1 hours of collection or receipt of shipment with a picture of each mango gone bad and a collective picture of all the mangoes in the box/boxes.